Handmade Wooden Turntables

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Joe Scilley used to be an interior renovator, and then he started making incredibly beautiful custom turntables from recycled and reclaimed wood.

Wood Turntable by Audiowood

On March 14th, Oakland-based Scilly debuted his Audiowood decks at the city’s FiveTen Studios and put a number of different designs on offer, including pieces made from redwood burl and walnut.

One visit to Scilly’s Audiowood site though and it becomes quickly apparent that these one-of-a-kind turntables are selling out fast. However, he’s also available for custom-order work.

According to Scilly, “Most Audiowood turntables are my designs, but I also enjoy working with clients who have their own visions. I build new plinths for vintage turntables and tables that use all-new parts. My all-new tables usually use the Origin Live DC motor controller and quality bearings. Most tables are designed with spacing for Origin Live/Rega arms, but custom tables can be fitted with any arm desired. In the near future I hope to be producing tables with my own platter design incorporating the excellent Teres bearing design.”

Seriously, if you have a vinyl-lover in your life, this is a beautiful gift. Many of Scilly’s rebuilt pieces use a classic AR XA table and are fitted for Rega arms.

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