GoPlug Charging Bag Is An Airport-Dweller’s Dream Come True

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We’ve all been there — stuck in a boring airport, trying to entertain ourselves with laptops, phones and tablets, but fearful of the their ever dwindling battery lives. And what about the modern business-person, their head in their hands, a dead battery standing between them and their phone calls and emails? GoPlug to the rescue!

GoPlug Gadizmo

GoPlug is a range of travels bags containing a lithium ion polymer battery, standard and USB charging ports, and an extension cable. It’s a simple idea, but surprisingly the incorporation of these charging technologies into a bag is a first, claims GoPlug’s creator Josh Cross.

The Utah based Cross is currently seeking funding for GoPlug via Kickstarter. Well, I say “currently”, but GoPlug actually reached its $20,000 funding goal in less than four hours and is well on its way to reaching $140,000. The extra cash also means extra GoPlug features, with passed Kickstarter “stretch goals” including a higher capacity battery, solar charging, and extra bag types.

GoPlug Gadizmo

You may be thinking “Hey Gadizmo, don’t on-the-move charging solutions already exist?”, and you’d be absolutely right. Myriad lithium ion charging kits are already on the market, and little while ago we even featured the Juno Power Jump Cables. But GoPlug bags differ by containing both the aforementioned standard power socket and USB ports, and a patent pending, 360° rotating outlet, allowing travelers to charge or use almost any appliance on the go, or within the bag itself.

Numerous different bags will be available at launch, each coming with one of three different batteries, the specs for which are below:

GoPlug Specs Gadizmo

The first batch of GoPlug bags are due to be shipped to Kickstarter backers this July, however the bags’ availability to non-backers has yet to be dated. But by that time Josh Cross plans to have GoPlug compliant with UL standards and have approval by the US Transportation Security Administration — making for a safer, more airport friendly product for all.

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