Give the Gift of Leg Numbing Entertainment this Holiday Season

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ipad-toilet-paper-caddy It might be a little early to declare a winner for best Holiday gift of 2013, it’s probably still too early to even be talking about the Holidays but, you might want to keep this iPad Commode Caddy in your back pocket for when you inevitably run out of ideas.

We all know the first 90% of the search is the easy part, it’s that last 10% looking for the crazy uncle, close cousin, or maybe even a difficult spouse that keeps you anxiously lying awake at night.

If that special guy in your life enjoys bragging about how great he is at multitasking, loves his iPad, and has a good sense of humor, this iPad stand will bring a smile to anyone’s face and severe numbness to their legs for under $100 this Holiday season.

The perfect complement to a roll of Charmin, this chromed steel stand with flexible 10” gooseneck holder will allow you to place your iPad in portrait or landscape at a comfortable 32” from the floor. A little known fact, 32” from the floor in landscape mode is the optimal placement for streaming Netflix movies while sitting on the thrown and doing your bathroom business.

Buying yourself a present before Christmas is never a good idea but, if you happen to be one of those guys with a magazine stack of Sports Illustrated dating back to when Jordan and the Bulls three-peated, it might be a good idea to start recycling and replace that old basket with digital version of your favorite mag ASAP.

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