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Finding affordable local parking can be like boxing with a bear (it is really hard and you do not win).  So the geniuses over at took all of the work, blood and money out of the task for you!

Who would not want to avoid roaches the size of tomcats and pricing minimums that require a Rolex just to leave your car parked (not even sure if I am even exaggerating here)?

The BestParking web site is a specific parking search engine that accommodates 18 cities and 79 airports.  Select Daily or Monthly groupings and then search by Neighborhood, Address, Cross Street or Attraction.

And why does anyone park at the ridiculously horrid $20-$30/day parking garages, anyway?  It is true that they avoid costly tickets and allow for the humans to freely hike the concrete jungles, but why does everyone pay them so much for so little?

Many times these lots get their business because nearby parking is just so damn hard to find.  That is where BestParking comes in.

Whether one is driving from Midtown to the outermost edge of New York’s Brooklyn Heights, or leaving the rental car awning at the Chicago Midway airport in search of a morsel or tasty beverage, the chances are that the traveling car will need a parking destination in the urban sector.

Where is parking that does not cost a donation to the organ division on the Black Market and does not require back-ending poor defenseless vehicles on the sidewalks while parallel parking (I say this from experience)?  BestParking is the answer.

A quick click will load up a Google-like map with tags of nearby parking facilities and their prices.  It allows for users to specify every detail imaginable in an intuitive search, like whether or not you want an on the street spot or a lot or garage to rest your Vette.

There is also a free BestParking App for nearly every smart phone, and even some not-so-smart phones!

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