Get In On The Handheld Flamethrower XM42


Fans of the Alien movies get ready to sink your claws into the XM42 Handheld Flamethrower!


This XM4w claims to be the first handheld flamethrower commercially available on the market today, though it is solely intended for entertainment and utility purposes only.

When an infestation of pesky face huggers give rise to gargantuan alien queens that are fifteen feet tall with multiple sets of protruding jaws dripping acidic saliva, the XM42 can be broken out to clear the surrounding brush or nest, if you will, for ‘utility’ purposes.

Now I know what you are thinking: those nuts crowdfunding on Indiegogo have gone too far!


Well, the makers of the XM42 – The Ion Productions Team – do not seem to think so as they offer their “Light the Fire” campaign option that gets you one of these oh-so-bad boys for $699.

The practical uses of the gadget are innumerable:

  • clearing snow/ice
  • eliminating weeds between pavement cracks
  • controlled burns/ground-clearing of foliage/agricultural
  • insect control
  • pyrotechnic event displays
  • bonfire starting
  • a fun device to enjoy with friends

In the words of the XM42’s makers: we wanted to make something fun that looked and performed awesome.

There are a lot of words that you can use to describe this handheld flamethrower (except weapon according to the legal department), and AWESOME is surely a good one.

This has been a bitter winter, so let Ripley loose on all of those melting alien shaped snowmen and those twenty foot high plowed snow piles in the street.

Fire never felt so light and portable in the hand!

In case you were wondering about legislation: their disclaimers indicate you must be 18 or over and be aware of legislation in the states of California and Maryland . . . otherwise create your own portable barbeque display with charred ribs and pyrotechnics for effect.

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  1. This can’t be real or legal.

    I don’t want anyone who wants one of these actually getting their hands on one.


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