Geek Weekly: Top 5 MacBook Comic Skin Decals

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There are so many great comic skins for MacBooks, but only the best of the best have been selected for the Geek Weekly Top 5!

Please be aware before you read further that personal taste is certainly a LARGE factor in determining the very coolest of the hip Apple fitting decals (if you do not like that well tough, ‘cause I LOVE comics). Without further adieu I give you the Top 5 and a summary of each according to the biggest comic nerd I know (me):

5. The Batman Mask Decal: Weighing in at a tiny size, but well placed awesomeness, we have the Batman mask that turns your MacBook’s apple into Bruce Wayne’s chin and menacing white eyes.

4*. The Afro Man Sticker: Though this little guy is not quite a comic character, the sheer coolness and suave of the Afro Man cannot be denied from any list.

4. Batman Decal (#2): How sick is the image of a descending Batman with his wings out and his chest icon beaming? And it’s less than seven bucks!

3. The Superman Decal: For all of you bird, plane, Superman chasers, here is a two-dollar decal of Clark Kent ripping open the iconic shirt to reveal an Apple symbol!

2. The Iron Man 2 Decal: What procures the symbol of energy as well as Iron Man’s raised hand open and glowing? How about Tony Stark’s suit sporting a fiery Apple about to blow an Avengers enemy (Thanos anyone) to cinders!

1. The Joker Apple Skin: The greatest MacBook decal I have ever seen is by far the infamous Joker cradling the glowing Apple in his hand, as though he is about to tempt Eve with the fruit in the garden of Eden. Wow, he is creepy.

So the villains have won this day, but tomorrow the heroes may strike back.

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