Geek Weekly: Hodoor (Hold The Door) Tribute Doorstop

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In what may be one of the timeliest nerd magnets to ever be forged out of non-magnetic plastic, the Hodoor (Hold The Door) Tribute Doorstop is simply amazing.


Hodor has been one of the most beloved Game of Thrones characters.

And that goes from the start of the first book A Game of Thrones to the HBO series’ Season 6 Episode 5.

WARNING: This Kickstarter project contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones Season 6.

Hodor, the kindly giant of a man with a sheepish demeanor and a severe disability that only allowed him to say the word ‘Hodor’ whenever expressing speech, is now gone.

The world, our world and Westeros, mourns for him (especially Bran).

But we learned how a fully intelligent youth, capable of speech, succumbed to his state: a seizure in the past was brought on by Bran revisiting the past as the Three-Eyed-Raven and the words ‘Hold the door’ being screamed tore apart Hodor’s mind.

Decades later, he alone stands between a door and an army of undead White Walkers and the death of the all-important Brandon Stark.

And so ‘Hold-the-door, hold-the-door, Hodor’ is revealed.

The hero holds back the door to hold off the walking dead as the crippled Bran makes his escape.

Hodor is sacrificed and now we can remember him properly with a 3-D printed doorstop.

What purpose could ever be better for a memorial?

If there is one I cannot seem to put a foot on it.

The Hodoor (Hold The Door) Tribute Doorstop stands six inches tall, and is posed in action standing with his back pushing backward and his hands splayed, to hold the door.

I am still so utterly shocked and saddened by George R.R. Martin’s killing off of this tragic figure, and yet a part of me is deeply impressed by the storytelling genius of this master weaver.

Martin knew Hodor’s fate from the start, from the kids and stable boys making fun of him in the very opening words of the books and TV show.

Hodor we weep for you, but you were a champ, and you saved the day.

And now, for a paltry $37, we too can ‘Hold-the-door’…literally!

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