Geek Weekly: Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Flash Drive

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The Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Flash Drive is a thumb drive fit for a queen Targaryen sitting erect atop the Iron Throne.


Geek Weekly has found this 8 GB waterproof Dragon Egg Drive to give birth to all the teeth that information transfers can provide.

I want a dragon egg in my pocket!

Oh, you were hoping that cracking open this Dragon Egg USB drive would give birth to a live dragon, were you? Me too.

As Drogon flies up into the air, justice and a world rife with civil war, not to mention an undead army, fast approaching, seems tamable.

Well, if you upload a Drogon .GIF digitally into this scaly, silver colored egg – dragon fire is hot enough to evaporate water, after all, folks – than you can become the Mother of Dragons too (just not the Khaleesi, who might take offense and burn us all silly).


This thirty-dollar necessity for life itself comes to us just in time for the premier of Game of Thrones Season 5 on April 12 at 9PM EST.

And this egg has all the features one would come to expect from an officially-licensed HBO Game of Thrones piece of merchandise.

The Dragon Egg Drive features an ultra-fast, ultra-thin (.8″ diameter x 1 1/3″ long), waterproof USB flash drive made out of zinc alloy with an antiqued finish, for realistic dragon scale texture, and there is a a pull-out ring for use on your keys or a lanyard holder.

Beware! Because as Melisandre of Asshai from George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series says, “for the night is dark and full of terrors.”

Let’s light the way with dragon fire!

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