Gauswheel SLX 3.0 Unique Urban Transportation

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If you’re looking for a new potential neck breaking sport or just a unique eco-friendly way to get around town, the Gauswheel might be the answer.


This cross between a unicycle and a skateboard with a twist of parkour is perfect for the type of people who want to carve the streets and attract attention doing it – you know who you are.

For those who spend time looking for a little more action and aren’t afraid to absolutely annihilate their cash and prizes (it really should come with a Muay Thai boxing cup) , the Gueswheel is constructed of durable reinforced nylon composite capable of handling jumps and dumps.

The ergonomic frame is tough enough to support 240lbs, while still being gentile enough to comfortably follow the natural curvature of the leg. Giving the rider support from the tip of the gripped  toe support all the way to the top of the thigh.

The Hungarian based company hasn’t made the leap to U.S. retail stores yet although, it has gained some traction in Europe with the product now in over 20 retail locations across the Netherlands alone.

Prices on currently range from £59 on sale, up to £129. The only problem… these U.K. Based third-party retailers currently do not ship to the U.S.

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