FlyBoard Jetpack from Zapata Soars like Bond


Zapata Racing’s FlyBoard has made the dramatic Sean Connery-based James Bond spy getaway a reality!

Warning: this looks extraordinarily dangerous and possibly deadly.

Now if that label does not get consumers to flock to the newest invention from Zapata Racing, nothing will. For 4900 Euros, or $6500 US dollars, a FlyBoard can be attained and, with it, a water-based jetpack flying experience.

The sport of wakeboarding has often dazzled spectators with displays of human beings soaring in Superman-like poses above the water for mere seconds before gravity takes them down

The FlyBoard extends the flying ability a bit longer by harnessing the power of a hundred plus horsepower jet ski (or PWC) motor. The human is strapped onto the board and a suit that links them to the FlyBoard system. The unit taps into the water that flows fiercely through the PWC and diverts it into tubes that are attached to the wakeboard-like device on the rider’s feet. Video after the jump…

Depending on whether or not the free flyer dishes out an additional 900 Euro determines if the possibly suicidal pilot can control the acceleration from the board, or (if they neglected the option) are dependent on the PWC driver to speed up the flight.

The rider can launch upwards of thirty feet due to the platform’s hose and hydrojet thrusting water downward as though the jet ski accessory was a rocket being launched.

The moves of the FlyBoard veteran are impressive. The rider graces along the water’s surface horizontally and hoists themselves straight up into the air vertically, like the James Bond jetpack of legend.

This looks perilously fun.

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  1. Add anti aircraft missiles and some torpedoes to this, then watch Roger Moore (James Bond) perform his patented look of horror close up.

    • Charles

      Their website shows a list of dealers (none in the US) and you can even buy a DIY kit for around $6k.


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