eora 3D is a Cheap Smartphone Reliant High-Precision 3D Scanner

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Unleash the green lasers, as eora 3D, the amazingly affordable high-precision 3D Scanner, rocks the house!


Red lasers might look scarier – see Darth Vader battling Luke as the Emperor laughs on ominously in the Stars Wars: Return of the Jedi flick – but the green ones can give them a run for their money.

Digital camera CMOS sensors (like our eyes) are twice as sensitive to the green spectrum as they are to red, and so this tiny 3D scanner with its anti-glare lens is able to scan within sub-100 microns in a variety of settings, including the great outdoors.

The versatility, accuracy, and extremely portable size of the eora 3D setup are remarkable.

What is groundbreaking is the cost.

The eora 3D Scanner is going to retail for $330!

So for all of the high-precision $15,000 3D scanners out there, the team at eora 3D put their heads and their smartphones together and determined that with the high quality cameras and brains already in our portable handsets, they could be used to circumvent expensive equipment and power a 3D scanner for the masses.

It is no wonder the Kickstarter campaign received $238,105 in a little over a day!

Granted, you have to have a minimum of an Apple iPhone 5, an iPod Touch 5, or an Android HTC One, Google Nexus 6, or a Samsung S5.

Hardware is key here, folks.

For those of us with the updated tech in our pants, we can add the slim eora 3D to our back jean pocket and watch as this bad boy scans up to a captured range of 1 meter squared, or 3 feet by 3 feet.

If you want to scan your life-size T-Rex that you cunningly stole from the Batcave, while Ben Afleck was napping, you can make multiple sweeps of parts of the object and work your way from the tip of the front fangs to the ends of the tiny T-Rex hands.

The included desktop software and phone app lets the user stitch together the pictures seamlessly, for a fully fleshed 3D scan (I’ll leave it to you to make it roar, folks).


There is also a 1/4″ – 20 UNC thread in the bottom for mounting on standard-sized tripods, and a Bluetooth enabled turntable that can be added if you want to quicken the process without manually shifting the dinosaur’s head by hand.

Combine your 3D scanner with a good 3D printer service, like 3D Hubs (everyone who backs the eora 3D Scanner will receive a $10 voucher that you can use towards your next 3D Hubs order), and you can even print a copy of that T-Rex!

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