eNote — Digital Tuner for Dummies

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…or at least for hapless mid-level musicians that can’t manage to fine-tune by ear. In fact, many new musicians abandon their attempt at playing simply because they can’t properly tune their guitar/bass/violin and nothing seems to sound right. When my friend gave me a guitar years ago I quickly learned that the trick was to first get the low E string on pitch and then tune each remaining string relative to that tone — then I found out that my low E was as in-tune as a wailing cat. So what’s a starter to do?

enote-digital-tuner.jpgPick up the eNote Clip-On Digital Chromatic Tuner to take all of the guesswork out of your notes. The eNote works in one of two ways: first is the Mic mode that monitors the sound of your instrument and lets you know if you’re in tune or not. If you’re on point, the display shows the note in bright green display; if you’re off, the display turns red. Simple, right? But if you need even more perfect guidance, the Clip mode — attaching directly to the neck — monitors the vibration of your instrument directly, and features a 360 degree rotating display so you can keep monitoring as you play without constantly stopping to check that you’re in tune. Because the display is backlit the monitor is bright enough to read anywhere, even on the darkest stage. The eNote normally retails for $39.95, but you can pick one up over at Elevation Music for the low low price of $19.75.

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