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If you want to capture your favorite TV program right to your computer without any kind of fancy video card, usbfever has the answer. The EasyCap USB2.0 audio/video adapter captures high-quality video and audio directly through your USB port all while allowing you to record in your favorite DVD formats.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these truly useful little gadgets and it did not disappoint. The EasyCap came with its own drivers and Ulead video capturing software that had me recording tonight’s Red Sox game in about 5 minutes. All I had to do was install the driver/software, plug in the EasyCap to my digital cable box, tweak a few recording options and to my delight I was recording in no time flat.

Nothing is better when something just works the way it is supposed to and the EasyCap is no exception. For those of you who don’t have a fancy video card with all kinds of inputs or like me have your computer in a place where you just can’t hook it up to your digital cable line the EasyCap, at only $39, is a great alternative to grabbing high quality audio and video for your desk or laptop.

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  1. i have bought easycap device and installed in windows vista, the easy is working properly, but now i installed in windows7 the device is appearing in the flash media live encoder, but when i selected the easycap usb2 grabber device the window is completely closing. can any body solve it…..

  2. barkath

    Hi guys, I have easycap, when i chose to create a dvd in the share menu, after creating all the video’s i dont have the burn option in my final stage. The next menu takes only to back and forth

  3. tonari

    Hi guys. I bought the SMI grabber EasyCAP 002 USB 2.0 and installed it on Windows 7. The video input is showing alright, but I can’t do anything else as I’m always asked 4 a username and password. I checked d package & gt nada. Did I do something wrong during d installatn, am i 2 register d software or is there a default username & password? Pls help!

  4. Trashcanman

    Mine does not ask that. Get one like I did from Ebay at minimal cost (<$10.00). It will ask for a license code which comes with the package. It works just fine.
    One thing: It did not work at first with Ulead. I downloaded AVS Video Recorder (free) and it worked with that program. Just for giggles, I then tried it again with Ulead. It worked!! I guess AVS "cured" my PC. It also works with Nero Vision, and Blaze Media Pro (another freebee). Rock on….

    • Agree with Jim – I bought two of them, as it said they worked with windows 8.1….they didn’t. Both in a box collecting dust….my search for a capture device goes on…


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