Earth Day Special: iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

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The Earth Day Special consists of a brilliant eco-friendly iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard.


Behold! This is the first eco-friendly bluetooth keyboard!

Bamboo grows like a weed and it is to be hoped more electronics will abandon products made with products harmful for the environment and with processes ripe with carbon emissions when tech like the iZen become more and more prevalent.

Just keep your pet panda bear away from the iZen Keyboard, folks, or you may lose it, bite by bite (not talking about kilobytes here either).

Because of bamboo’s ability to give a beautiful handmade wooden set of keys wireless, via Bluetooth, all Bluetooth enabled electronics, like Mac’s, PC’s, tablets, Androids and iPhones can be harnessed with the stylish iZen.

The feel of the iZen Bamboo Keyboard’s wood on the hand is pleasant with smooth edges, without slip, and it is recyclable and biodegradable.


The iZen key setup is built for Macs, though any Windows or Droid device, or even Smart TV’s, will work, and there is a USB cable included for built-in charging of your other portable devices.

This brown beauty weighs in at about a pound and is extremely portable (similar in size to a wireless Mac keyboard, which is less lengthy than your standard size).

Bamboo is the one tree that, environmentally, we cannot cut down fast enough – it is actually against the law to grow bamboo on your property in lower New York, because its rampant weed-like growth spreads at an untamable rate and takes over the neighbors’ yards.

Well queue up the sleek iZen and key away for just shy of seventy bucks, US.

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