Do NOT Buy Those HDMI Cables in the Store


Just politely say no!  And back away slowly from the collared employee whose blue buttons are bursting at the throat.  You can buy a TV in a Best Buy-like electronics store without also buying their ridiculously overpriced accessories.

The electronics world at large has accepted the High Definition resolutions as a standard amongst computers, cameras and televisions.  Certain cables are required to run a Blu-Ray player or cable box through an HDTV in order to view the startlingly realistic imagery that we’ve come to expect in the Twenty First century.

For anyone who has ever crawled through the trenches (that contain miles of metal end caps and a nearly endless array of TV’s) to finally choose a unit to bring home to be the centerpiece of a modest kick-ass entertainment setup, and then had to face a battle veteran employee who waged a war with you before allowing you to buy what they sold, listen closely.  There is a Web site that sells every cable and electronic accessory known to man and it ships them to your house within a day or two, and this incredible business,, is far cheaper than anything that could ever be found in a store! has become Best Buy’s worst enemy and the consumer’s best friend.  The California based company sells only quality cables and accessories, all of which are under warranty, and they are infinitely cheaper than anywhere else!  Best Buy will come close to threatening your life to get you to buy a THX certified MONSTER CABLE with your purchase of any TV, and the scary thing is that this four foot cable is probably not long enough to reach your unit’s cable box and it is $99…  I’ll say that again:  $99.

Without even straying from the home page for Monoprice a customer can find a six foot HDMI cable for as low as $2.78!  That’s right, with shipping it might be four or five bucks, it will fit your unit and the picture quality will be every bit as crisp, clear and brilliant as any High Definition certified HDMI cable.  I have personally used Monoprice numerous times, and I have always used standard shipping that brought my cables to me within a day or two.  Order the cables before you go to the store to buy a TV, and then laugh at the outrageous demands of the Best Buy-like employee who will not be making gargantuan profits on accessories.

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  1. Always amazed by this. How can 16 feet of monster hdmi cable cost more than an iPod? How can a few feet of wire cost more to make than an intricate device that stores and plays music? I guess the answer is that it doesn’t and the markup is insane.

  2. israel_rubinstein

    I totally agree that it’s much better to shop around at internet rather than in store.
    I’ve just found a good vendor on Amazon, then went to its web site and I was surprised, when compered the prices for HDMI cables. The cable I looked for was the cheapest I could find online. Well if you planning on buying a cheap and quality hdmi cables you definitely can check that website. Just search for Cimple.


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