DIY Revolution: Eduardo Alessi’s New Recycled Cardboard Animals

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Living in Hong Kong, industrial designer Eduardo Alessi has probably seen first hand what a series of smoke stacks can do to our environment – where visibility is currently less than 4 and half miles for 30% of the year because of the pollution problem. Alessi’s new ECO DIY Collection of products takes recycled cardboard, in disassembled 2D pieces, and turns them into a quick do-it-yourself project with fun results.

The ECO DIY Collection is more than just a statement on reusability. Each product is made to look like an endangered species. Our recklessness has not only effected our species, but other animals as well – some who are on the very brink of extinction. Currently the collection consists of a rhino penholder, deer clock, giraffe lamp, elephant speakers, and an owl magnifier bookmark.


All products come with detailed instructions (something tells me you won’t need them) so you can very easily put things together sans nuts and bolts, glue or messy cutting. The included electronic products are designed to be energy efficient without using batteries.

With 3D printing and democratized technological applications, Alessi’s collection stands true to the new DIY ethos that doesn’t include a 4 hour ride to the nearest IKEA and then hardware store for a screwdriver and multiple gas stations in between. You can purchase the collection at Area + for worldwide customers and on Landport for customers in Japan.

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