Create Your Own Guitar Picks and Recycle at the Same Time

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The do-it-yourself guitar pick punch lets users be creative and turn almost anything up to .9mm thick into a 351 style guitar pick. Just insert the potential pick material into the pick punch and squeeze, it’s that simple.

Credit cards, packaging material, or just any old stiff piece of scrap you have laying around means that no longer will you be left searching your college dorm room when it comes time to serenade the ladies. I have to assume that is the only reason people learn to play the guitar.

What more can I say? The design is simple and elegant.

For just under $25 bucks you can churn out picks to your heart’s content or grab the perfect little gift for any guitar player. I don’t even play the guitar (I tried, I am all thumbs) and I think this little gadget is sweet.

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