COWAROBOT R1 is a Fully Autonomous Robotic Smart Suitcase

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COWAROBOT R1 is made to roll beside you, as a robotic piece of luggage that moves around obstacles, has a smart lock, and is your fully autonomous way to travel.

Has Skynet invented this R1 unit, or has COWAROBOT?

They claim this robot doubles as a 20-inch suitcase that allows you to be hands-free while walking up to 4.5 miles per hour.

It is made to be a carry-on that will follow you around, avoid obstacles, and even provide a Lo-jack-like system for tracking so that your bag can never be lost.

Now I know what you are thinking: as the flurries of panicked airport patrons angrily emerge for their fifth boarding call announcement before being told there is another delay, your COWAROBOT R1 unit can easily be grabbed in the carnage.

Within seconds a piece of luggage can be pilfered and thousands of hours of music and thousands of dollars of tech (MacBook Retina anyone) can be stolen away by the equivalent of a horse thief in modern day New Mexico.

But wait!

They are foiled by the smart lock that can only be unlatched via the R1 bracelet, which doubles as a keyless remote, or a smartphone which will loudly alert you to the theft and the location.

I love the fact that this has a separate front compartment on the hard protected suit case for electronics like laptops to protect them but also make them easily retrievable for the walks through airport security.

R1 can be turned off, and made manual, if you want.

The small sensor wheel lifts from the bottom of the case, so you can pull R1 along yourself as you rush to the departing plane with that last minute sandwich in tow (this writer knows that pace from experience and it is far beyond 4.5 miles per hour that the R1 runs at).

The Indiegogo special is $499, instead of $699, and the suitcase measures 21.6-inches x 15-inches to fit into overhead compartments on the plane.

I need the COWAROBOT R1 bot, even if it might breakdown in fully autonomous mode and fight me or my friend R2-D2!

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