Connectable Quick Pitch Qube Tents Form Cheap Tent Mansions

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You read right: connectable quick-pitch Qube Tents form cheap tent mansions complete with near instantaneous and effortless setup, large roomy living quarters, and all the perks except the silver servant bells.

The British tent company hoped to reach their modest goal on Indiegogo of $25,000.

1,129 Qube backers raised them nearly half a million dollars!

Why you might ask?

Anyone who has ever been involved in constructing a free-standing tent will tell you those poles and flaps and anchors and drop-cloths are not easy to assemble.

When Suzie-Q realized that the price of a good quality tent for one, two, three or four people was a few hundred sheckles and that the price on some interesting quick-pitch (not talking baseball here, folks) were similar in cost, she reconsidered the rigorous piece of camping equipment.

A good tent is worth its wait in gold, in particular when she wanted to traverse the Andes and hike down to the once-hid Ancient Incan city amongst the clouds, of Machu Picchu, at a blooming sunrise.

But the tents you throw in the air to assemble were tiny, hard to close back up and not the best for the hardiest of off-road mountain traveling.

So the cramped quarters, Suzie-Q being six feet tall was always hobbling about stooped below the tent roof much to her back’s chagrin, hurt.

These factors are all part of what went into making a square comfortable and affordable mega-tent in the Qube, and what is more: they can easily connect to as many units as you like to make whole living rooms, wings, or Qube Tent cities.

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The bottom line is that for 399 pounds, British, (or about $500+ US), a two-minute pitching 3-person tent is an amazingly cheap deal.

The quality to withstand the worst elements, the headroom of over seven feet, and the 33.3-pound weight (for a three person) of the Qube Tent is unprecedented.

Add-ons include solar panels to charge electronics, a battery to store the sun juice, tent connectors for making a spaceport sealed passageway to as many Qubes as you want to hook up with, and long LED light strips that double as charging cables.

Well designed flaps and vents allow for a great ventilation system, and the Qube’s material is PU coated and rated to a hydrostatic head rating of 4000 meaning you’ll keep nice and dry even under heavy rain conditions in addition is it treated in accordance with CPAI84 Flammability standards.

For Suzie-Q and all the campers out there cascading the steep peaks amidst the misty mountains, the Qube Tent is a home run.

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