Comrad Gaming Helmet — Let the Ridicule Begin!

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I’m in my mid-thirties and I still game, there I said it. Now that I have a kid I don’t have the pleasure of butt numbing 8 hour sessions but, when I do, I still get into it. I know that I look and sound like a crazy person wearing my headset yelling out what sounds like the bizarre one sided conversation of a war torn mad man (that special look in wife’s eye reminds me) but, at least I’m not wearing a helmet.


If you’re the kind of person that changes into military surplus fatigues as part of your Call of Duty ritual, the Comrad gaming helmet is the next logical step into full first person immersion.

This USB rechargeable wireless headset with microphone will let you call out positions and talk trash on all the major platforms including the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac and even Oculus Rift.

The helmet also comes with features gamers have come to expect such as separate game and chat audio levels as well as a mute button so your buddies don’t clown you when your wife yells for you to take the trash out.


Not to mention a couple of features you might not expect like three interchangeable camo covers equipped for the desert, forest, or digital forest depending on your taste or, if you’re completely neurotic, the map you happen to be playing.

Listen, I’m not going to judge you, I think our generation will be sitting around online gaming into our golden years so, if you’re into it go ahead and grab one today for under $60. If you think your spouse or child already looks ridiculous playing video games and you want to have a giggle next time you see them hunched over mashing buttons, this will certainly take that visual to the next level.

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  1. I would never buy this for fear of ridicule but, I would wear it if someone gave it to me as a gift… at least that way I could play it off like a joke.


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