Clairy: The Most Amazing Natural Air Purifier for $150

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It must be noted that Clairy, which claims to be the most amazing natural air purifier is available at a discount for $150.


It is Spring in many parts of the world, and with Spring comes an unrelenting assault on our sinuses with allergies in full bloom.

Pollen has not even blown up the air outside New York yet, and I feel it.

For those living or working indoors, the air is often tainted, and dust mingling with the toxins clogs nasal cavities quicker than wet cement in a sidewalk crack. But wait, there is a Superman, of sorts, in Clairy the $150 automatic air purifier.

$150. Now there is a lot of upside for the price.


But first: what does Clairy (sounds like an aloof aunt doesn’t it) do?

Clairy is a smart air purifier that combines a brain, in a smartphone App, and an Italian made ceramic pot, with built-in fans, for pulling in polluted air and sending out clean air.

She has a large, heavy pot and the ability to clean 80% of a room’s filthy air in thirty hours (for up to 36 cubic feet).

The Clairy pot’s built-in Wi-Fi module sends real-time updates to your smartphone and engages the fan setup, as needed.


These guys went off of NASA research, that’s right the space gurus themselves, determining that many plants actually work to cleanse toxins from the air, but from their roots, not their leaves.

So a plant, whose roots are covered, will only get so much cleaning done through the porous soil or rocks on top of those roots.

Clairy takes the air directly to the roots and requires Wi-Fi to connect with other smart home devices and the user’s phone, of course.


A real time pollution monitor is put into effect and is there for viewing at any point on the screen.

Clairy is also partners with Eden Projects, a non-profit organization, which will be donating 10 trees for every Clairy sold after the Kickstarter campaign is over and is successful. Clairy is just over $10K short of funding with 16 days to go.

She has a laundry list of cleaning plants NASA has proven to work for you to consider to put in the smart pot, once you receive it, from Aloe vera and Mauna Loa, to other plants less easily pronounced.


The only real downside is the initial price tag of $150, which is discounted 40% for early bird Kickstarter donations. That is hefty for a pot with some Wi-Fi fans built within.

I am curious whether a half dozen aloe plants in a porous base and openings for the roots, would not do the trick, cleansing the rooms, but over a longer period of time.

The fact that a heavy duty and high quality seeming Italian-crafted pot are the backbone of Clairy is a plus, though for a hundred or so bucks it better be a damn fine pot.

There is no denying, clean air is a noble cause. The smart air purifier, Clairy, is a maintenance free way to easily sit back and breathe easier, and for that they should be commended (but please water those plants folks, or they will die; I know that all too well).

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