Check the Time and Crack Open a Cold One With Your iPod Nano Watch

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Watch bands for the tiny, sleek sixth-generation iPod Nano are abound these days, and no doubt Christmas will have even more hipsters sporting tacky neon plastic or nylon wristbands. But what about those of us who want something a little more sophisticated?

Well, you could opt for either the TikTok or the LunaTik watch conversion kit — the kit recently broke the record on KickStarter for funds raised, garnering pledges from willing buyers totaling over $941,000. But then there’s still the issue of the plasticky look.

Nay, for those who want something more manly (especially if you’re strapping a neon pink iPod), the good folks over at ThinkGeek have just the watch strap for you. We’re talking real hand-tooled leather and anodized stainless steel here — what could be more manly than that?

How about a frickin’ bottle opener. Yes, you heard me right. When the folks producing the band realized they could laser cut something into the stainless steel plate used to attach the iPod Nano, they had the A+, Number 1 best idea in the world. Obviously their iPod watches were telling them, “It’s five o’clock somewhere.”

Now, when you aren’t sitting on your couch at home popping open bottles with your Clicker Universal Remote, you can impress your friends while sparing your body parts. Because we all know that opening bottles with your teeth may be cool, but come on. Besides, at $49.99, the watch band is far less than the bill from the orthodontist you’re likely to incur after the New Year’s party.

If you want to give one as a gift this Christmas, there’s still time to order and receive the band before the big day. Check out ThinkGeek’s Holiday Shipping Guide to find out just what method to choose. (If you’re looking to receive one, you’d better update that wish list really soon.) But there’s still plenty of time to receive your order before New Year’s Eve, which is when you may want this the most.

And even if your iPod really is neon pink, this band just may make the guys look past the fact. If it doesn’t work right away, don’t worry. After you bust open enough bottles for them, it definitely will.

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