Cardsharp 2: Shanking Redefined

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If you’ve always wanted to carry a knife but, were afraid to look like “that guy,” the Cardsharp 2 now packs three inches of surgical stainless steel goodness into a package slim enough to fit discretely into your wallet.


This ingenious design from Ian Sinclair has all the cutting capabilities of a typical pocket knife but, at 2.2mm thick, is only as wide as a couple of credit cards and at 13 grams, it won’t exactly weigh you down.

The transforming polypropylene body features hinges guaranteed for life and a unique child proof safety lock that will keep the razor sharp blade at bay while its resting in your more sensitive areas.

Since it lacks typical metal hinges, the entire package is waterproof, rustproof, and even machine washable, making it the perfect backup knife for outdoor enthusiasts or the primary blade for casual weekend campers.

The blade comes in either Teflon black or natural brushed stainless steel and because it is just under three inches, should be legal anywhere in the United States.

With a suggested retail of only $25 and a current Amazon price tag of just $14, the Cardsharp 2 is a must-have for any slicing aficionado.

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