Camping Out For PS3 Not So Stupid

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This photo is flying around the net and I have seen it accompanied by nothing but geek bashing but, how dumb are these campers? I guess if you are sitting out for over a week just so you can be the first to play the new Sony Playstation 3 you need to chill out. If that is not the case and you are instead camping out so you can be the first to have the new PS3 to turn around and sell it for $10k to some deep pocketed spender then I would say you are a smart business man. I guess you have to ask yourself, how much is sitting around BestBuy for a few days worth to you?

If you still want the new PS3 but you’re not a big fan of spending or camping then head over to Amazon or Gamestop and sign up to be notified when online pre-ordering becomes available.

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