Calling All Coats! Torch is a Universal Coat Heater

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Calling all coats, winter is coming, oh forget Game of Thrones, winter is here and our coverings need the ultimate answer to Old Man Winter: Torch, the world’s first universal coat heater.

There is but one word for Torch: genius.

Like cavemen and cavewomen of yesteryear, fire was revolutionary and the torch could transport some of that fire’s heat when they needed it most during the frigid days and nights where cold threatened life.

Fast forward millennia and Torch, the wearable tech funding on Indiegogo, procures a quick and efficient way to heat any coat, regardless of make, model, or activity.

The fully rechargeable batteries last about five hours.

The Torch’s battery weighs only four ounces, making it very light.

And the entire Torch is waterproof, should you choose to go snowboarding or dive into the winter sea for a Polar Club meeting (though they would frown on you keeping the coat on).

Three heat pads are placed on the inside of the jacket to align with the body’s core and effectively warm us up, like a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows on a snowy day.

Simply stick the installation Velcro to the inside of any coat and then push the Torch heater onto the coat’s Velcro.


To change coats, pull on the Torch and push it onto the next coat’s Velcro.

That is simple enough for even a caveman to do it . . . wait, can I parody that ad without getting sued?

Anyway, this can be yours for $55 for a Torch unit, battery and one installation kit (or one coat’s worth of goodies).


But you can also double down, so to speak, and splurge with a $90 donation for the Torch Mega Pack, which includes one Torch, three installation kits for using with three coats, and two batteries.

You never know when an extra battery will come in handy should you go yodeling at the top of your lungs in the Swiss Alps.

There are heated socks and there are heated coats, but now there is an inexpensive coat heater that easily fastens via Velcro to any coat you own and it can also be moved to other coats in seconds.

I just wish the Torch was available now as I anxiously await the impending mega-storm aimed at the northeastern US!

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