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It used to be that camping meant getting out and being one with nature.  You could leave behind all of your worries and cares and just enjoy the great outdoors.  Sometimes it’s nice to turn your phone off, forget about your inbox for the weekend and eat some s’mores.  However if you have a smart phone and you’ve spent $400 buying every survival app on iTunes you may want to bring that phone with you.  Who knows when you may need to use the built in compass or access the army field guide to see if those berries are safe to eat.  But you can’t do that if you drained the battery listening to Lady Gaga during your 3 hour hike into camp.

Brunton has come up with a solution for you, a portable hybrid solar charger.  Solar chargers have been around for a while but the Brunton Restore has some unique features that you need to know about.  First, it is a hybrid charger.  That means you can clip it to your pack and it will charge while you’re hiking or fishing but you can also charge it at home before your adventure using the USB or DC adapter.  Second, it only weighs 7.2 oz, that is light enough for even the most hardcore backpacker out here.  It is also water resistant, comes with a tough rubber shell and a power gauge so you know how much energy is left.

The only major downside to this product is that it requires 10 hours of sunlight to reach a full charge.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest and you’re hiking through the Olympic Rainforest you may want to bring an actual compass along.  The Restore is listed on Brunton’s website for $123.74 but if you do some searching you can find it for almost half that price from many online retailers.  If you’re looking for a portable solar charger to power your iPhone, iPod or smart phone you should definitely look into the Brunton Restore.

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