BioLogic PostPump Seatpost Feeds your Bike’s Tires

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Why not keep the air in your bike’s tires, even while out on the trail (or road) with the BioLogic PostPump Seatpost.


For someone who mountain bikes rigorous 6.1 mile trails in the hillocks of Cathedral Pines, having a patch kit and tools packed away on the bike has always been essential; but I have lacked the necessary pump to air up my tire should I ever get a flat or puncture and need to fix it.

The bike pump of my dreams is the Biologic PostPump that fits inside the seat post.

My bike’s frame is already bracketed with a water bottle holder so installing an air pump to the body is not possible (not to mention those pumps are often expensive, made of cheap plastic, and break upon impact or a fall).


Say a bailout results in a stick rupturing a hole in your tire; simply patch that buddy back together, and then pull up the seat and the PostPump. The saddle itself becomes the handle to push down on, and there is even a foot holder to keep the pump still while you breathe life into the tire to finish up the ride.

Check out the video and become as amazed as I was when I first wondered why no one had not thought of this before.

For fifty bucks this bad boy slides easily into seat tubes 33.9 mm in diameter; their description says it all:

The BioLogic PostPump 2.0 seatpost, winner of a 2012 Red Dot Design Award, is a powerful, high-capacity floor pump integrated inside a seatpost. The ergonomic design has a foot stand and uses the saddle as a handle so you stand comfortably while you pump. The 2.0 design is completely new and improved with a precision-machined aluminum adapter that fits both Presta and Schrader valves.

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