Binocktails Provides a Nip for Family Pics

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Family pictures are sentimental, sweet and sort of a necessity. I’d call them anything but fun. That could change, however, thanks to the Bev-Cam, a $13 flask that looks just like a digital camera.

Sadly, the Bev-Cam doesn’t take any actual pictures. Now that would really be something. Instead, this handy pocket-sized product is for the true alcoholic, who needs to hold a few nips into a device designed to deceive others. I’d assume that after downing the 5 ounces of alcohol that this unit holds, you might be running around, acting like you’re taking pictures.

Parent company Binocktails says that the Bev-Cam comes with the flask, a carrying case, and a funnel for easy filling — hopefully just not in your car.

This product might make for a fun gift for the just-over-21 crowd, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties. A gift for yourself? Well, that might just be more on the sad side. Either way, I’d have to guess that if you own one of these, the family will never have to tell you to smile and say, “Cheese.” As a matter of fact, someone might have to slap you to get you to stop doing those things.

Just in case a camera doesn’t manage to hide your alcoholism all that well, Binocktails also makes the Bev-Burry, which holds 3 ounces of your favorite beverage inside a faux Blackberry.  That one runs $11 and includes a clip-on holster.

Both products, along with the original 16-ounce binocular double flask ($17), are available exclusively on the Binocktails website.
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