Belkin Brings the Electronic Love


The Belkin Power Essentials Kit is utterly amazing and a gadget geeks best friend!  It charges in the car and out of the car; it powers smartphones, iPods and digital cameras everywhere for less than forty bucks!  These chargers go for about thirty apiece if you were to buy them separately.

The reputable electronics and router company Belkin has created an all in one charging kit that is truly essential.  Get down to the local Costco, where these are currently selling out at less than thirty dollars, or wait for them in many an online store (like Neobits).

What does this Kit entail?  Well, normally charging things do not blow my skirt up, but Belkin has enraptured me with micro and mini USB cables, iPod and iPhone sync cables, two USB wall chargers and one micro auto USB charger.

Simply put:  each male fits right into any of the included females, whether it be mini-USB charging a DSLR camera in the car roaring down the frozen highway, or the iPhone compatible form squeezing snuggle into the gorgeous wall charger’s opening.

I have tried this set out, and Droids, iPhones and cameras all charge beautifully, as though these units were the factory chargers.  So who does not need to quickly cool down a steamed girlfriend whose smartphone is dead or dying and whose charger is god knows where?  You know what I’m talking about fellas, so just put the USB charger in front of her bulging eyes and back away…slowly.  She will come around.

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3 Responses to “Belkin Brings the Electronic Love”

  1. I want to get this but i dont know if it could chardge my iphone from the car charger. Because going on a long car ride and wnat to play games and listen to music with out wasteing all my batterie

    • R.J. Huneke

      The car charger does charge iPods and iPhones. All you have to do is bring your iPhone’s USB cord and plug into the car charger.


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