Beardo the Original Beard Hat Stands Out Warmly

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Look good and remain warm in the winter months with Beardo, the Original Beard Hat.

Regardless of a quick walk to the car, or a steady hike through the snow-ridden streets of the city, most of us tend to either sacrifice our vital warmth to look good or look downright ugly to maintain a level state of comfortable heated-ness.

There have been numerous attempts by the most famous inventors of the world – why do you think Einstein’s hair stood up like that before every December photo? He had hat hair – but only now can consumers count on a solution:  the Original Beard Hat.

The design is simple, yet elegant.

Beardo’s knitted beanie sports a soft knitted material and a uniformed pattern, in either black or gray, for just shy of thirty-five bucks.

But wait! The Original Beard Hat comes complete with your choice of knitted brown, black, or ginger beard that attaches to the hat to warmly clothe the user in a sporty state of facial hair, complete with a mouth-hole and a fold away design that allows for the beard to be stored within the beanie in order to create a clean-shaven visage instantaneously.

Beardo will fit any size face, and he does not scratch your face because of the one hundred percent acrylic yarn that is used.

The beard portion comes with sturdy Velcro tabs on either end to either bolster the inside of the beanie, or allow for the sporting of the ginger Beardo that your sister could never grow properly herself.

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