Avengers Assemble the Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab

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In the wake of the Avengers: Age of Ultron assault, what gift could be better than a kit to build your own custom Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab?


The Arc Reactor doubles as a nightlight after you have built it.

There are over 24 different combinations of chips within the assembling kit, and each variation will yield different Iron Man-like sounds and light reactions.

Tony Stark may have invented the portable arc reactor, but now you can make your own customized power source for your own Iron Man project, provided your name is not a certain Mr. Vanko, a.k.a. Whiplash, and you are not trying to terrorize New York with your nefarious plans of revenge.

The bottom line is Iron Man could use your help.


The Avengers were able to save Manhattan from almost certain destruction in the Battle of New York, but who’s to say Thanos will not find another way to court death and paw the Infinity Stones that could have us all in the crossfire.

Let yourself become your own Iron Man (or at least let your kids pretend they are helping to build an arc reactor for contributing their own super abilities).

I still love to play with tools and build or mess around with electronics and this thing is cool enough to keep me busy on slower afternoons. This kid-friendly (ages 3 – 103) kit can introduce growing minds to science with a great toy set.

This super heroic, villain-crushing kit is on sale at ThinkGeek for less than $19.

And the Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab comes with a room light mode, a display stand to utilize the iron clad lamp option, and an educational poster that ties Iron Man to real world science.

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