Atmotube Tiny Air Pollution Monitor Saves Life

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The Allergy & Asthma Network (USA) has taken the initiative and created the wearable Atmotube to serve as humanity’s portable air pollution monitor.


This tiny tube offers improved health instantly!

Atmotube was tasked with analyzing air quality in dense urban areas, homes, or anywhere a pair of lungs is inhaling.

Over time, exposure to volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide has been linked to increased risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and liver and brain damage.

Those with asthma or allergies can be affected or endangered immediately in some cases.

In short: the Atmotube saves life, on the planet or in our home.

Did you know that the air quality within our homes could be up to eight times greater than what it is outdoors?

Uh huh. Now ask why?

Picture the big moving day: the top of each cabinet, armoire, desk, and dresser has to be vigorously cleaned of all dust before being packed for the new destination.

The bottom of the couch and the floors once hid beneath rugs reveal layers of dust, grime, and debris.

Many floors and furniture have been scrubbed, with many an inaudible grumble, with cleaning products (or better known as chemicals), while any carpeting continued to suck up residue, as an unofficial air filter.

Go into the new abode and rip up the old carpeting.

What do you find?

Brittle, poisonous dust has caked the rugs, on top, within, and below.

Without frequent replacement of the actual carpets you wind up breathing in a lot of garbage, no matter how frequently you clean.

And then the home’s actual heating and cooling systems, not to forget the unseen insulation wither, often combine to pollute the very air we breathe with things like carbon monoxide, organic chemicals, like benzene, and of course the dander of our Fidos and kitties and all of us skin shedding humans.

Without proper monitoring people can die.

And here the Atmotube comes along for $85 (15% off in IndieGogo) and gives us all of the tools to know what we are breathing!

Not only does this eco-friendly gadget offer a tiny wearable tube, not unlike USB battery flashlights, that can be taken anywhere, easily, but it also ties to a user’s smartphone and offers up an array of invaluable information about the air we are breathing.

This little guy will even measure your air as you travel.

Go off of the custom Atmotube meter “Air Quality Score” that tells you bluntly this air is Good, Moderate, Polluted, or Very Polluted.

See a complete breakdown of just how good, or bad, that air you’ve been gobbling up is.

So . . . how is the air where you live?

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