Apolo Anton Ohno Limited Edition Skates


Summer 2007: No Wipe Outs! They look a bit like skates on steroids, but who am I to question Olympic champs that dance on TV?

LandRoller has created a new skate with Ohno’s help (yep, red was his choice) and are making full use of his Dancing for the Stars win to capture new enthusiasts ready to upgrade their Rollerblades. Why the crazy wheels though? Turns out their “radical wheel configuration” is exactly what’s going to keep you from curb checking as often as you do — the larger wheels minimize road vibration, increase your stability, and make it easier to brake without falling backwards. Plus they’ve dropped a speed lacing system so you’re in and out in a flash. Act fast, though — The Apolo Ohno models (checking out at $269.99) have been made in limited quality, and you’d hate to have to lose out on translucent red tires, right?

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