Abyss Boards – Have a Blast While Drowning Your Friends

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Apparently the theme at Gadizmo this week is, how much fun can you have in the water before you die a horrific death. Earlier this week we had the FlyBoard Jetpack ready to either take you on the ride of your life or straight to your watery grave and today we have the Abyss Board where this time, it’s your friends who will get the chance to permanently send you to the bottom of the sea.

The Abyss Board is being called a “revolutionary new water sport” that allows users to fly underwater while being towed behind a boat. I’m pretty sure Pirates also had a name for this “water sport” and it was called keelhauling.

If you can trust your friends to steer clear of obstacles and underwater rock formations, while keeping the boat towing at the nice safe recommended top speed of 10mph, you too can dive, barrel roll, carve, and glide like Goose from an underwater version of Top Gun. Video after the jump…

In all seriousness the guys at Abyss don’t take safety lightly. The board itself is buoyant and designed to be ridden with a life jacket so, if at any point the rider wants off, can’t hold on, or the boat stops, everything will simply float to the surface. I’m sure the sensation is amazing, the disclaimer is long, and their lawyer is scared.

Thrill seekers, get your credit cards ready, because taking the plunge isn’t going to be cheap. The Abyss Board + tow rope is currently available though the company website for a cool $395.

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