A Gift That Will Warm Your Heart, But More Importantly Your Coffee

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Every morning I get up, make some breakfast and hot coffee, and then sit in front of my laptop checking emails and Facebook. Admittedly, the plethora of online activities often distracts me and after I gulf down my cereal I realize I’ve completely neglected my coffee and it’s become cold. I know, I know, shame on me, but Brookstone apparently has an answer to my problem: the coffee cup warmer.

This little device looks like a simple, metallic, high-tech coaster, but it can be any coffee lover’s best friend. If you’re worried that you’ll have to buy any special accessories for this product like a specific mug to fit the cup warmer, let me put your mind at ease. Any standard sized cup or mug that has a diameter of 3.5” is acceptable! Just stick it into the holder, which has a heating pad at its base, hit the power button, sit back and enjoy a nice warm cup of joe.

The coffee cup warmer also allows you the option of controlling the temperature. Granted there are only two options of “Low” or “High,” but at least you can somewhat customize the heat to your preference. The product can be purchased from Brookstone’s website for $24.99 plus shipping. The online store also has a gift wrap option if you’re buying it for someone else. The coffee cup warmer has a nice stainless steel design, which makes it look modern and classy. So if you’re still looking for a great gift for any coffee lover, or even for Father’s Day, this is something that can definitely be appreciated. Check out Brookstone’s website for more great gift ideas.


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