µPeek Professional Microscope the Size of a Credit Card

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Now that smartphones adorn nearly every person’s pocket, the high powered cameras can be used with an innovative new professional microscope, the µPeek.


The µPeek is the size of a credit card!

Simply put, for students, educators, and scientists, the µPeek gadget could revolutionize experiments in the field, the classroom, and the lab as well.

When combined with a smartphone µPeek offers magnification of approximately 35x – 350x, depending on the smartphone used and the chosen zoom factor.


Find a weirdly bioluminescent cockroach eerily near to the Brookhaven National Lab?

Trying to pick up an amoeba in that murky pond water on the fly?

Simply whip out your wallet and extract the tiny slide holder and the µPeek.

Using sticky tape allows for the easy addition of the microscope to your Apple or Android phone (sorry Windows, but you are a no-go), regardless of what model or case you have on your portable computers, I mean smartphones.

Queue up the µPeek App and use the camera-µPeek combo to zero in on the slide.

Once the glowing eyes of the roach are in focus lightly press the phone down to stick to the slide holder and prepare to be amazed at the high-quality optics images, as they remain undistorted and sharp across the entire range of magnification.

Because the µPeek can more easily move across the slide and utilizes a more versatile setup, it can offer larger viewable areas for its field-of view.

µPeek is comparable to many professional microscopes on the market, but for just a $176 donation to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign you can own a µPeek Blue model with UV light and other filters to do fluorescence microscopy.


Damn, that was a mouthful, but there are more specifications worth noting.

For instance, the µPeek is built with Gorilla Glass and a soft waterproof case made for easily cleaning the dead remains of that experimental glowing cockroach if any of the bug juice splashed.

This baby charges with a micro-USB for four hours of usage, weighs only two ounces, and has up to 1.4 µm resolution complete with motorized focus.

We are talking about a cheap, adept, and oh so portable brightfield microscopy, darkfield microscopy, and UV microscopy (with the Blue model) device in the amazing µPeek!

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