Use Child Labor To Clean Your Floor With Baby Mops


You might not know it, but there are some downsides to using your baby as a mop. There’s no simple squeeze mechanism to wring out the dirty water, you can’t leave your baby in a bucket of dirty water, and the main reason… society says it’s unethical to use a baby as a mop. But that’s not stopping online novelty apparel shop Better Than Pants from offering their bizarre new product called the Baby Mop.

From the commentary underneath the product you can’t really tell if people are taking the Baby Mop seriously or are actually deranged: “Do you they come in adult sizes for when my hubbie crawls back from the pub?” and “does it come with a handle?” However, it’s plainly obvious the Baby Mop is purely intended to incite laughter, confusion and articles like the one I’m writing now. Like they say, haters gonna hate; and they possibly have no sense of humor either. My favorite comment: “You people need Jesus” – to which someone responded, “Why, does Jesus mop floors?” Good one.

The Baby Mop, which is essentially a onesie/mop hybrid, is 100% cotton and “engineered to clean and shine your floor.” For those consumers who can’t decide between a Roomba and using their own child to mop the floor, Better Than Pants has a few convincing points to choose the latter, like “Teach your baby strong work ethic” and “Baby will get a nice workout, burn off energy, and do muscle toning. And sleep better too!”

With inventions like the wheel and the Internet, you’ll have a few like the Baby Mop along the way; it’s just par for the course. But why not stop at cleaning your floors? Why not use your baby as a loofah or to wax your car. I’m kidding of course, but am I really?

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  1. If my kid is going crawl all over the floor anyway, how is this not a great idea? Funny or practical? I say practical.


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