USB Rechargeable Mini RC Helicopter – Let the Christmas Fun Begin

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Last year the Silver Bullet mini RC helicopter was a big hit around the Gadizmo family house so, it only made sense to step it up another notch this Holiday Season with the bigger and better Nano USB rechargeable remote control helicopter from the guys over at Brando.

This first thing I noticed out of the box was the power of the Nano compared to the simpler Silver Bullet. The metal frame construction makes this mini RC quite a bit heavier but, the beefed up motor has no problem launching it right off the ground and over the second story of my 30 foot high roof.

After a few minutes of flying straight up and down I realized that something else was different with the Nano. Unlike the first generation helicopters that only flew forward, the new Nano had a tail rotor which allowed you to fly in any direction forward or backwards.

This added control on the remote took a minute or two to get used to, but really added to the experience with drastically increased agility. Buzzing around the backyard while dodging trees and other various obstacles like my girlfriends head was no problem at all.

The real win for me on this RC gadget was the ability to recharge with the remote or with a simple USB plug. One of the real downsides to the old remote charging only models were how quickly they went through batteries. Now with the USB plug I can charge the heli just as quickly and save the environment at the same time.

In the end the Nano was far more powerful, stable, and a fun challenge than its predecessors…and for under $50, is a no brainer for hours of fun. In addition to obvious, the helicopter comes with a recharging cable, plenty of spare blades, a couple of extra tail fins, and an optional case (pictured above).

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