This Hummingbird Helmet Bird Feeder is Not a Joke [VIDEO]

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Of all the days I could have stumbled across this gem of a gadget – I can assure you, this feat of engineering mastery is all too real.


An adventurous man working out of a small shed in the backyard of his Whidbley Island home has figured out that if you take a Bell bike helmet, fasten two aluminum rods to it, and dangle a couple of bird feeders from it, they will come.

Etsy user RoyRoadFishCompany scouts out local garage sales for like new bicycle helmets, cleans them up, and upcycles them with new hummingbird feeders to create what must be the pinnacle of bird watching.

If not for his five star rating on Etsy and the video above, I wouldn’t believe it either.

The breeze from the wings of a hummingbird can bring a level of joy to your life that can only be explained by what is obviously the face of this Zen master below.


If you know someone who loves nature, but literally has everything, this bird feeder hat can be had in red, blue, black, and even camouflage for a mere $37.

[via BespokeBug]

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  1. There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I think we just found it.


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