This Digital Pen Berates Writers as They Make Spelling Mistakes

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Don’t you wish you had a hypercritical pen that vibrated every single time you made a major misstep? Lernstift is the remarkable new writing device that can detect spelling mistakes, point out flaws of form and legibility, sense grammatical faux pas and gives a little buzz to let you know.


For any regular person who only uses a pen to write down brief notes, like grocery lists rife with spelling errors, Lernstift could be a literal nightmare. However, this pen might be a revolutionary new way to teach kids how to write using good old fashion pen and paper with an information-age twist.

As learning becomes more autodidactic in our ultra modern age of instantaneous access to information, Lernstift heralds the coming of a brand new set of tools, like smartphones, to help teach without all the pressure of someone constantly looking over your shoulder.

Lernstift tackles both challenges when learning to write: writing legibly and correctly. In Calligraphy Mode the pen vibrates once, if a letter is written wrong or illegibly. In Orthography Mode the pen vibrates once for a misspelled word and twice to point out grammatical errors in a sentence.


This magical pen is still in the very early stages of crowd and seed funding thus, while it’s technology is impressive, a patent is still pending for it’s unique motion sensor capabilities. Lernstift plans to start off with simple error detection, but hopes to have other features like pressure detection and a networking module to connect with PCs and other devices as well as an open platform for app development.

Essentially, Lernstift is a pen with a smartphone inside and at ballpark cost of $150-$200, it isn’t cheap to build. Currently the company has options to preorder or make an investment in the product, where you’ll get a shareholder position and a pen when they roll out of production in late 2013.

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