This Alarm Clock Motivates Like No Other – Good Luck Hitting Snooze

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Some alarm clocks gently rouse you out of a slumber with an ever increasing soft glow of light designed to wake you up naturally and with a smile on your face, which is great if you’re soft like a little coddled fluffy bunny rabbit. But, for the rest of us who know the world is a cold and dangerous place there is ALARMclock, a new way to wake up that will light a fire under your ass and get your heart pumping with a level of anxiety just short of a heart attack so you’ll not only take the day head on but, you’ll also punch it right in the face.

ALARMclock doesn’t jostle you with the sounds of Kenny G or some annoying buzzer, instead it motivates you with the fear of insecurity, bankruptcy, and death. See how that just grabbed your attention? Now imagine waking up to that kind of motivational information every morning!

With this stylish 2-bit LED screen you can stream real time data about your financial status, the size of your social network, as well as your projected life expectancy. No more sunshine, rainbows, and silly motivation quotes posted on Facebook walls, just cold hard facts.


This straight shooting personal motivator can pull real time financial information from an API or even directly from a secure connection and display anything from your plain old savings account, to your 401k, to your stock portfolio performance. All you have to do is setup a WiFi connection and customize the features in the web based control panel from any computer, phone, or tablet.


Options for the clock allow you to configure your snooze time, alarm sound, and how often your data is displayed. What’s more, the company plans on firing you up with displays for things like greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation rates, and sports scores in the near future.


The geeky details include a Bamboo case, Raspberry Pi – Model B chip, Broadcom 700 MHz processor, 512 Mb SDRAM, Bi-color 8×32 bi-color LED grid displaying red, green and yellow, Wifi, USB 2.0,and a 110V power supply.

If you hate being fed sugar coated news, have under a grand left in the bank, and only 18k days left to live, today might be your last chance to pledge $130 at Kickstarter and change your life, before they’re all gone.

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  1. Bye Bye Bye

    This reminds me of that movie with that guy from NSYNC and Olivia Wilde when they had the days to live countdown on their forearm. Can never remember the name of that movie… if there were only a thing that let me search an archive of everything in less than a second…


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