The HAPIfork Isn’t Afraid to Say, You Look Fat in That Dress

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If you are getting so overweight that you fear you might be the subject of a TLC special or need to be cut out of your own home by doctors and a construction crew, then you should have used the HAPIfork a long time ago

Invented by French engineer Jacques Lépine, the HAPIfork is a revolutionary new fork that helps you lose weight by tracking and timing your meals, telling you when you’re eating too fast, and even says when you’ve had enough. Yes, it’s the fork that helps you lose weight.

Using a healthy dose of technology and vanity, the HAPIfork is here to promote the benefits of eating slow, eating healthy, losing weight and improving general health. Besides a few other main drives, humans need to eat, but apparently with just a regular fork we eat just way to much and way too fast, leading to a world of slobbering obese sloths. It isn’t their fault; it’s just that their fork doesn’t have the power of science.

The HAPIfork uses an electronic key with a circuit that links to the extremity of the fork and the handle to measure how many times you put it in your mouth. Every time you put the fork in your mouth it closes an electrical loop thus counting a serving. The information is then relayed to an application that helps you organize and eat healthier based on the data collected by your fork. I don’t know many times you put a fork in your mouth thinking you’ve got something when it’s just fallen back on the plate – so a margin of error must be taken into account.

So the next time you feel like asking somebody if you look fat in that dress, why not ask your fork? The HAPIfork comes in 5 different colors and is a whopping $99 – making this one of the most expensive forks on the market. Aside from that, I guess their message is important – we should be eating healthier, but should we leave it up to a fork, hire a nutritionist, or just use some god old common sense? The HAPIfork isn’t quite ready yet, but they recommend signing up for their newsletter to let you know when it will be.

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  1. Fat people aren’t fat because they don’t have a magic fork, they’re fat because they don’t care. Anyone who needs this wont buy it!


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