The Force is Strong With These Pieces of Jewelry

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What do you get when you have small Star Wars figurines and some one who loves making jewelry? Etsy user Jennifer Landa, makes some very quirky Star Wars jewelry that is sure to make even the blackest heart pitter-patter with delight.


Who can resist some custom lego Darth Vader earrings? If only they also had a touch-controlled speaker that played the Imperial March.

Each item is custom-made with a mixture of newer Lego models and more vintage figurines. One of my favorites is the Boushh necklace. For those that have a rusty memory, Princess Leia disguised herself as a Boushh to gain access to Jabba’s palace in order to rescue Han Solo. But this isn’t a regular pendant, oh no. It’s a locket. Inside the locket is a miniature removable Princess Leia figurine and mini Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

The locket itself is made from a Micro Machine miniature figure head and instead of a plain silver chain, Landa has decorated it with simple silver beads. There are other lockets as well, but the Boushh locket is by far the classiest. Star Wars fans and non-fans alike can appreciate the design of the necklace. Sure, it might still be a bit kitschy, it is still made of plastic, but it will definitely turn heads.

The available items range in price from $15-45. While all of the items available in the store is currently Star Wars themed, Landa’s main objective for the store is to combine childhood memories into grown-up accessories. It’s a bit sad that Landa is limiting herself to female geeks, but who’s to say that men can’t wear that adorable storm trooper bracelet or AT-AT necklace?  Interested buyers can contact Landa and request a commission if a particular piece strikes their fancy.

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