The All New Polaris eBike is a Game Changer for Electric Bicycles


The bicycle has changed a lot since the days when your front wheel would be bigger than a tractor’s. We now have multiple gears, lightweight titanium and aluminum frame, and, best of all, the wheels are generally the same size. Now comes the new e-Bike by Polaris, which has 8 speeds, is electric, comes with a unique pedal sensor to know how much energy the rider is exerting, and so much more that this bike is almost technologically intimidating.


The new eBike Polaris is unique, not only because it is electric, but because of it’s ability to synergize with the rider. With it’s the e-Bike’s BioSync technology it can actually read how much power is being putting into the pedals and adjust accordingly in order to give the rider the most comfortable ride. Where most electrical bikes are either controlled by a throttle or by pedal, this e-Bike can do both and in throttle mode, can actually move along without pedaling at all.

The Polaris e-Bike also has other amazing features, like ARC Regenerative Braking, which can return power to the batter supply when you reach speeds in excess of 20 mph. Also, the one of a kind DuoDrive Motor on the e-Bike can adjust the speed and torque depending on whether you are on flat or hilly ground, which will make running errands or your ride to work, much smoother.


All in all, the Polaris e-Bike is setting a new bar in electric bicycle technology. All of the aforementioned features can be controlled by a state of the art IC dashboard which will do everything and more, like weigh your carbon footprint in pounds, tell you the trip distance, and just how fast you are going. Moreover, the removable lithium ion ProRide battery takes only 6 hours to fully charge and can keep a rider going for up 30 miles at 20 mph.

The eBike currently retails for $2,999 and comes in a few different models, a sports utility model called The Strive and Strive Step-Through and the Vector model which is designed to go from the “….trail to the street and everywhere in between.”

11 Responses to “The All New Polaris eBike is a Game Changer for Electric Bicycles”
  • BikerBill says:

    Has pedaling become too much of a hassle? Riding a bike isn’t all that hard to begin with! I can’t wait to see a fat guy riding this and not pedaling.

    • Josh says:

      Gents, we’re looking at this wrong: this isn’t an exercise choice, it’s a transportation choice, with an exercise bicycle attached. We don’t ridicule people who ride planes, trains, buses for being lazy, and shouldn’t for this either.

    • Serenity says:

      Sure we should! I don’t ridicule people for taking a plane when they need to travel hundreds of miles but, a fat guy who only has to ride a mile to work should probably pedal.

      • DirkGently says:

        You’re an idiot. And also a mean spirited asshole. But most important you’re ignorant.

      • Serenity says:

        1. What I said was in jest. That said, fat people should exercise.
        2. You fat?
        3. What exactly am I ignorant about? Enlighten me on where I lack knowledge.

        • DirkGently says:

          You are a total idiot. How about me? I also have had two major injuries. Are you going to ridicule me? Yeah I also have a 40km commute with major hills. I happen to live on a foothill, so are you going to ridicule me for taking massive amounts of time off my commute. And that fat guy you see riding a ebike, you want to ridicule him for starting to get in shape? Or those elderly people that can’t ride anymore? Standard bikes are old tech very inefficient and not really good for serious commuting. Not really good for anything except having fun. The people that do ride every day and commute on their bikes are in the extreme minority. Ebikes are bringing biking into the modern age. So you want to ridicule people that ride ebikes? Well why don’t you go shit in your cave like the neanderthal you are. Idiot. You can resist new tech all you want but soon ebikes will be the norm.

        • Serenity says:

          I didn’t say anything about people with injuries or the elderly. Relax.

          Bikes are inefficient? Only good for having fun? Ok guy. That’s why there is a bike rack with 40+ bikes outside of my office building. They must not understand the inefficiencies and must be just doing it for fun.

  • Justin says:

    I can’t wait for moving sidewalks so I never have to move my legs ever again. Beefcake!

  • mariposaman says:

    @BikerBill A study shows ebikes allows more users to go farther distances more often. I guess you could say about a bicycle, is walking too much of a hassle?

    @Justin They have them already, they are called cars, and you do not even have to stand up. Maybe you have noticed them?

    • Serenity says:

      “A study shows” — What are you a rep for Polaris? Me thinks so.

      I think Justin has probably heard of cars but, driving one around a congested city or short distances like a block or two isn’t exactly practical. Do you frequently get in your car and drive 100ft and park it again?

  • Brandon says:

    Although the comment above is not from a Polaris eBike rep, I am associated with Polaris eBikes. We hear “isn’t that cheating all day evey day.” That is until someone test rides a bike. Anyone who is skeptical, shoot us an email and well find a local dealer for you to try them out. eBikes allow anyone who wants to get into biking the opportunity. Do you have phyciscal restrictions? Use an ebike to make riding easier. Do you want to ride a bike to work, but fear its a bit too far, or you will show up looking like a wet cat from sweat? Use an eBike to get there with ease and not be sweating. Do you want to head down the street for some milk, but dont want to use a car, and are too intimidated to have ridden a bicycle in a while? Use an eBike, and make that short trip a lot of fun. Do you want to get out for a quick recreational ride, but dont have time to get prepped, make a full tour at low speeds, and wash up after? Use an eBike to do the loop faster, with ease, and get back refreshed. Do you want to get fit, but arent ready for a full on road bike excersise routine? Use and eBike to get you back into the game at any chosen assistance level.. It is very easy to judge people who use ebikes if you are an active biker, but people who use ebikes have been looking for a way to get back into biking, but they have had a mental or physical block for some time now. eBikes give them the courage to ride again. Test one out, and we promise you will have positive things to say.

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