Switchblade Tie Clip: Look Stylish While Fending off Attackers

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YOUgNeek has created a new must-have weapon to add to your growing wardrobe arsenal.

This mini tie clip is a real working, one touch, 1.5 by 0.5 inch switchblade. Simply press the button and out slings a sharp pointed 1 inch blade perfect for slicing mini cocktail foods, opening a package, or stabbing would-be attackers.

The entire knife is just shy of 3 inches long when fully extended and features an easy to release locking mechanism to keep all of your digits intact.

In true YOUgNeek fashion, you must read and agree to their the mini switchblade warning document before purchasing. Those of you under the age of 18 will need Mommy or Daddy to pick one up for you, as the guys at YOUgNeek do not sell to minors.

Check out their store and get a little dangerous for $35.

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