Sleep Anywhere with the Ostrich Pillow

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Ever find yourself wanting to take a nap, but can’t because there’s too much light and/or noise? Well, want no more with the Ostrich Pillow.

Why is it called the Ostrich Pillow? Maybe it’s because ostriches were thought to bury their head in the ground when in danger, or maybe it’s because the cozy pillow looks like an ostrich head — probably a little of both.

What we do know, is that while it certainly will make you LOOK ridiculous, it will definitely block out invasive light and probably dampen any ambient sounds.

As you can see in the pictures, you put your head inside the pillow in order to create a perfect micro-environment for power napping. Sleepy while waiting in the airport for your plane? Put on the pillow. Want to take a nap at work? Put on the pillow. Want to look like an old school diver? Well, you get the idea.

The pillow is designed by Kawamura-Ganjavian, a young architecture and design studio that focuses on human needs. According to their research a 20 minute power nap during the day can increase productivity 30 percent, improve mood, lower risk of health-related deaths 37 percent, and improve brain functionality. While that’s all fine and well, my main problem is that the pillow could give you a really bad crick in your neck. Sure, the ostrich pillow is padded and all, but the napping position in a lot of these photos don’t really look that comfortable. I’m definitely going to be less productive and in a worse mood when I can’t run my head more than a couple degrees.

In order to limit the weight and maximize the performance, the pillow is stuffed with synthetic materials. There are three openings: two for your hands and another one so that you can breathe easily from your mouth or nose.

The idea is in the right. People need to catch some Z’s during the day, but I’m not so sure about the execution. It seems a little too bulky to be carrying around at all times — not to mention it looks plain ridiculous. That said, if you happen to be one of those nap anywhere types, you’ll probably be a lot better off with the Ostrich Pillow.

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