Skiers Weather Winter like BANE with Subzero Mask

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Don a light and warm fleece, and not only breathe clean air that is substantially warmer and more humid, but look weird… er… badass doing it!

The Subzero Warm Breath Mask might look as though it’s from Mortal Kombat and not Hammacher Schlemmer, but it is truly a remarkable medical-grade breathing mask crafted to spare the throat and lungs from the same freezing air that bitterly dominates the outside during the cold season.

Anyone who does not hibernate or migrate to the tropics during the earth’s harsh winter could use a Subzero Warm Breath Mask.

This beauty covers the bottom half of the wearer’s head – from the nose on down the neck – and seals it in breathable, wind-resistant Polartec fleece.

For years the Subzero Mask has been popular amongst scientists in Antarctica and mountain climbers, because the microbe-resistant polyurethane in the ventilation chamber raises the air temperature that the wearer breathes by forty to sixty degrees (Fahrenheit) and the humidity to eighty percent.

Breathing feels natural with the Subzero Mask, despite traversing a double black diamond ski slope, or scaling Mt. Everest (although a lot more equipment is probably needed). And because the Subzero Mask bonds with the humidity in the air, it keeps moisture off of the face and fog off of glasses and goggles.

For less than sixty bucks, this Canadian godsend can help ward off the painfully frozen air and make the wearer appear enough like the villain Bane to make Batman fear for the safety of his back.

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  1. Mike Vidafar @mvidafar 21 Jan said: just bought one of those for a ski trip in Quebec. works as advertised. saved me in -0 (F) tempretures 100% recommended

    @RJ_Huneke @gadizmo


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