Rubber Duck USB Speaker


What is sexier than a rechargeable portable speaker that produces vastly gorgeous bass and treble tones for twenty bones? How about one that comes in the form of a classic rubber ducky!

I am not quacking you, folks. The Disco Duck Speaker is here to float to the top of the audio-pond echelon.

Meander into the corporate headquarters, find the corner office, sit down to take a draught of a Colombian brewed java, and prepare to start working vociferously; but wait!

How does one maximize their work output potential?

Open up that desk drawer, break out the yellow duck speaker and plug in the iPhone for extremely resonant music right on the desktop!

Could a boss truly become upset at the vibrant atmosphere, or go against a rubber duck and win? I think not.

This little yellow guy gets LOUD! The bass is deep, the upper registers are soaring, and there is even an LED indicator light to inform you that Mr. Ducky is on.

The Duck Speaker comes with its rechargeable mercury free battery, an audio and a USB plug, which makes powering this little guy extremely easy no matter the setting (even a cable box has a USB output, people).

Head on over to Kikkerland and be heard across the pond and beyond with [their] Disco Duck Speaker.

Get a quacking app, and be amazed at what comes out of his mouth!

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