Pop Up Bottle Opener

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Merging a great love for imported beers and a delight in confounding friends, the Pop Up Bottle Opener is a surefire way to throw one more wacky looking gadget into your kitchen that’ll impress your guests. Designed by Giovanni Alessi Anghini, the opener seems like nothing more than a stainless steel egg sitting on your countertop til you plunk it atop your capped bottle and press down — the interior workings transform that pressure to mechanically lift the cap from the bottle and hold it tight with a magnet, thus magically lifting free of the bottle with the cap seemingly disappeared. We’re a sucker for fantastically functioning design, and this doesn’t fail to disappoint. Available for pre-order at Unica for $47.

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  1. Sue Allaer

    This looks really cool, however I have had a product close to this for about 6 years, what is the reason for the price tag? Very high. I got mine for free, from a beer distributor.


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