Pitch a Tent at a Moments Notice


If you’ve ever been out enjoying nature and thought to yourself, I could just fall asleep right here, right now, the JakPak has you covered.

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or problem drinkers who occasionally have a tough time finding their way home, the JakPak allows you to stealthily carry around a campsite for one and setup shop in a moments notice.

What looks like a typical waterproof parka is actually an extraordinary jacket, tent, and mosquito thwarting sleeping bag rolled into one.

The transformation is as simple as releasing the sleeping bag from your back, stepping inside, zipping up, pulling the mini tent over your face, and laying down on the ground. You may wind up looking like a corpse in a body bag, but at least you’ll be secure in knowing you’re safe from the elements.

How this product has managed to elude my radar and not be integrated into other brand name jackets since its inception in 2010 is quite a surprise. Would you rather have a regular jacket or one where you’d feel secure in knowing you’d be ready for anything? It’s a non-question.

The JakPak comes in green or black and is available for direct purchase at a new low price of $199.

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  1. If you had someone climb in with you for a quick frolic in the park, would it be considered public indecency?


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